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Sue Hailstones is a hugely respected and award-winning artist, with an inspirational and passionate approach to the art of jewellery design.
Each unique and individual creation is inspired by the history and timeless beauty of Ancient Britain and her key areas of inspiration are landscapes and seascapes.
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Sue has already created a number of wonderful collections which were all inspired from places she has have lived or visited. She spent many years in Cornwall, which is an area of outstanding natural beauty that has inspired artists throughout the ages.
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Being the progeny of an artistic family, it was only a matter of time before Sue found an outlet for her creativity. Sue now lives in Staffordshire in the heart of England, near to the majestic Peak District with its majestic scenery and gorgeous rolling hills.
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She has devoted her life to creating astonishingly beautiful contemporary handmade quality jewellery designs, that people love to wear and she is continually inspired to design and create.
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Sue often begins a project by picturing herself in a specific place in history and letting the elements of that time and landscape inspire her. She always begins the creation, with a series of pencil sketches, developing her ideas on paper before creating one glass jewel that encapsulates the essence of the collection.
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She then explores the tones and textures of that design, creating complementary jewels that form the complete collection. So, whilst they are all based on the same theme, each one is totally unique, so no two pieces of jewellery will ever be the same.
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That is why each creation is as individual as the person wearing it.