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Andy Owen talks to Sue Hailstones about her work.

Please tell me about your firm, the work you do and the types of clients with whom you work.

I have devoted my life to creating beautiful bespoke contemporary handmade quality jewellery designs – and I am continually inspired that people love to wear them.

I am so lucky to work for some amazing clients.

I operate from a studio in Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent and this is where I create beautiful unique jewellery from glass, gems, diamonds and precious metals.

I am continually inspired by ancient Britain’s timeless beauty and I currently have four collections in the product range at this time.

The unique selling point of my designs is that each jewel is individually designed and handcrafted, so that each collection and piece is completely individual.

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Each piece is an art form – an artistic expression that is insightful, considered and unique, sculpted from high-quality fine art glass, merged with precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and diamonds.

It’s amazing that my business is enjoying international recognition – and a recent rebranding, including a new website, has resulted in my products being enjoyed by even more clients worldwide.

The typical Hailstones customer is confident, outgoing, bold, and discerning and enjoy creations that are ‘as individual as you are’.

My clients, in the main, have a natural attraction to art, history and colour – and an eye for beautiful objects. They always love to dress up and look good – and have impeccable grooming.

Specifically, within the wedding market, what services do you provide?

My creations at Sue Hailstones Designs are a perfect and unique gift for someone to keep, as a part of celebrating their very special day.

Tie slides, cufflinks, earrings and rings are just some of the unique gifts and products on offer – and, of course, these handmade quality gifts will hold long-lasting memories.

These can be bought from one of my collections, which are in the website shop, or if something special is required, then I can be contacted by email or telephone for a personal commission.

Any personal commissions can be engraved and personalised with dates and initials and colour co-ordinated to any wedding theme. They are all handmade by me.

I love to design special creations for people on their special day. It is very rewarding to

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see their emotional reaction, when they view the jewellery for the very first time.

Personal commissions, are not only a gift to thank the best man/women, the bridesmaids or members of the wedding party, they are something that are a constant reminder of that special celebration.

Please provide me with an overview of your sector within the wedding industry at present. Are there any major developments or challenges that have been affecting it and how has your business adapted around these?

The wedding industry provides me with another wonderful development opportunity for my unique individual designs, within the the Sue Hailstones brand.

Since my company was founded, I have developed my craft and passion to deliver the very finest designs – and it’s wonderful to be able to provide a very personal and unique product offering to the wedding market.

Tell me a little about your staff. How do you ensure that everyone within your business is aware of your firm’s aims and behaves accordingly?

Since the foundation of my company I have developed excellent working relationships with some very talented professionals.

They all recognise what I stand for – and they give me amazing support and respect at all levels. I am continually inspired by meeting and working with these key individuals and I have to say that this has been vital in the growth and development of the Sue Hailstones brand.

How is technology used to offer clients the most effective, efficient service possible?

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I have been extremely excited to be working with a top university to develop software that will be available shortly, to elevate my business proposition even more.

It is a digital tool that will enable clients to interact with me, to help with their design process in an efficient, friendly and fun way.

It is a wonderful development that offers so much.

What does the future have in store for your business? Are there any exciting developments you would be willing to share with us?

There are a number of international opportunities that I intend to take advantage of in the next six months. This includes an extremely high-profile launch and introduction of my designs and creations into an exciting new country early next year.

I can’t, for obvious reasons, tell you any more than that, at this stage!

Within the wider wedding market, are there any upcoming developments which will affect your business and how will you adapt around these?

I have a very flexible approach to clients and business development and I continually consider all approaches, as they appear. But, I will never lose sight of what I do and who I am, so the future Sue Hailstones business model will be built very solidly on the old foundations.

This will ensure that my company can adapt quickly and effectively when necessary – and will continue to grow in the right way.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I would like to say, that I am absolutely delighted that my company has been honoured with such a prestigious award. “This is another very proud moment for me. I am very passionate about my work and to get to this level of recognition, is just wonderful “

Company: Hailstones Designs Ltd
Contact: Sue Hailstones
Address: Leonard’s House, Broughton Crescent, Barlaston, Staffordshire, ST12 9DD, UK
Phone: 01785 533018
Website: www.hailstonesdesigns.com
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