Find something for your friends, family and loved ones to treasure this Christmas, with luxury handcrafted jewellery made just for them.

Jewellery from Hailstones Designs is ‘as individual as you are’ with each piece being hand cut specifically for your order, meaning every item is slightly different and unique to its owner. This makes a gift from Hailstones Designs the perfect choice for someone who likes to feel special and appreciates fine jewellery.

For an extra cost, why not show you’ve put some extra thought into your gift by having it personalised? Add your friend’s initials, the date of yours and your partner’s anniversary, a special date, a name or word…the special touch will go a long way.

To discuss the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one [or for yourself of course!] and to discover what can be done for you, email Hailstones Designs’ expert glass artist, Sue Hailstones, on

Don’t forget, we have a stunning men’s collection including tie slides and cuff links which feature all of the same mesmerising looks from the other collections. You can see the pieces here.

We understand that ensuring gifts arrive in time for Christmas is one more stress that no one needs around this time of year so rest assured, Christmas delivery is guaranteed if you place your order before 25 November 2017.

Also, as a little Christmas treat, we’re giving customers 15% off every piece of jewellery on our website who use the code hailstones15TYF at checkout.