Students from Keele

Hailstones Designs is welcoming four new interns from Keele University this week. Those four interns are: Alex a third-year computer science student, Laura B a third-year psychology and sociology student, Katie a master’s student of history and Laura J a graduate of media, communications, and culture. The four of us come with a vast range of experience to put into practice.

Our aim is to continue the development of the website and really push Hailstones designs into the spotlight. To do this we’re starting a blog, the first of which you’re reading right now. Today’s blog will be about our first day of training where we aimed to gain a deeper understating on Hailstones products and brand.

Whilst studying for my degree, I have become passionate about web developments and its inherent challenges. Usability and user experience of the Hailstones website are the main areas which interest me.” – Alex.

During the induction the new team met two very important people to prepare them for the ten weeks they’ll spend working for Hailstones Design. To start with a top marketing consultant asked which skill each of us would like to work on during the ten-week time period and what experience they could bring to the team. This was incredibly beneficial as it gave us a chance to see how a hard-working graduate can work up to owning their own marketing consultancy and learn from their experience.

In a climate where it can be difficult to gain meaningful experience, the induction day was so useful to me and now I can be confident moving forward in my internship.” – Katie.

Secondly, a representative from the Department for International Trade was there to tell us all about what training they are offering which will be beneficial to our particular interests. Each intern will represent Hailstones Designs at these training events which will help us in their future careers. Also, Jake, a master’s student who has worked with Hailstones designs to internationalize their sales came and spoke about how beneficial this training from the Department for International Trade has been for him.

I have created a database full of contacts in Sweden and the UK following research and communication with the Department for International Trade based in Stockholm. They have also helped me collect relevant information on the Swedish market and jewelery sector, and have helped me start my initial steps in making contact with stores in Sweden.” – Jake.

a person cutting glass for jewelry making

Experiencing jewelry making

To give the interns a fuller appreciation for how the Hailstones jewelery is made, we all got to have a go at cutting glass. It’s more difficult than Sue makes it look! Sue also showed some different types of glass and talked us through the processes that go into making the finished product. Including an analogy about an expensive trial and error when accidentally smoking a diamond and losing it in the kiln. Not one Hailstone is exactly like the others. Even a pair of earrings will have subtle differences, which is one of the aspects that make a Hailstones design so special.

I really enjoyed the practical session on the induction day; it added more variety to the day and it was interesting to see how glass jewelery is made since I had no idea before if I’m honest. I noticed how much care goes into making glass jewelery and realized how precise you have to be.” – Laura J.

What’s next

So now what for us four interns? Well, we have some interesting new developments coming. Such as improvements to the website instructed by Alex, a blog written by Katie and Laura B, and press releases written by Laura J. Look out for us on social media as all the team will be creating more content for you to see.

I can’t wait to spread Sue’s story and Hailstone’s Designs progress as it’s so unique compared to other companies.” – Laura B.