Mother’s Day is the perfect time to treat your mum how she deserves to be treated and make her feel as special as she deserves to. With Hailstones Designs’ designer jewellery, your mum can feel as luxurious and high quality as what she’s wearing.

Whether your mum prefers earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets, you can find an item she will adore in one of Hailstones Designs’ striking collections. All of the jewellery is wonderfully British with all of the collections inspired by British history, landscapes and seascapes. As expert glass artist Sue Hailstones has lived among the natural beauty in Cornwall, is based near the Peak District with picturesque views and also has links with beautiful Staffordshire, Sue is able to take full of advantage of the landscapes and seascapes around her to gain inspiration for her pieces.

Did you know Hailstones Designs jewellery is wearable art made specially for its owner? This means each and every piece is unique with every owner being able to have the satisfaction of knowing that no one else has the same as them. However, to make your mum’s gift even more individual and personal, you can have it engraved with her initials or anything you’d like at an extra cost. You could also go the extra mile by commissioning a piece of jewellery to really impress your mum and thank her for what she does.

Kay Picton has had jewellery made specially for her by Sue Hailstones and had nothing but positive words to say; “I am amazed at how many comments I get when I am wearing it. I wore it on a recent holiday to India and the locals were fascinated by it, always wanting to touch it.” Kay mentioned how strangers have stopped her to ask about her unique jewellery and speaks highly of Sue; she said “Sue is a very talented artist and very passionate about her work, and it shows in her creations.”

Hannah Parker has also had a piece commissioned and spoke positively about the design process; “We [Hannah and Sue] went through colour combinations, textures and even [discussed] ways in which I could add my own element to the design.” Hannah went on to say “It feels like it is totally original and unique, and I know no one else can ever have the same thing.”

If you think your mum will be just as delighted with specially commissioned jewellery, email to discuss what can be done to make your mum’s day this Mother’s Day.

Of course, an item chosen from any of the collections will delight your mum just as much. Each piece is carefully crafted using high quality glass and precious metals including gold, silver and platinum, making jewellery from Hailstones Designs a great choice of gift, no matter what the occasion. Customer Jane Hughes said the designs are “exceptional quality” and said she “would recommend to anyone in a heart beat”. Jane also praises the attention to detail she noticed and the customer service she experienced.

So this Mother’s Day, show your appreciation for you mum by giving her a sure conversation starter that she can treasure. Explore the range now.