Sue Hailstones’s work is inspired by the timeless beauty of Ancient Britain.
The amazing artwork is handcrafted by Sue, bringing a uniqueness and individuality to each piece. Sue’s own words describe how the inspiration first started:
‘I am often asked where I find the vision and imagination for my unique art pieces. I lived in a fishing village on the stunning Cornish Coast in the South West of England and spent many hours watching the sea and boats. It was the ever-changing moods of the sea and surroundings that gave me such inspiration.
So much so, that I was compelled to capture these moments. Hence my art was born.’
This is what makes Sue’s work so special. Every creation is individually designed and handcrafted by Sue, so that each art collection and piece is completely individual.
The astonishing Sails collection are a perfect example.
‘Moonlight Sails’ shows the deep, beautiful sea in all its shadowy and eerie glory with the boats making their way back to the safety of home.
‘Sails in the Sunset ‘ stimulates the senses with the brilliant sunshine reflecting off the clear waters of the sea and bathing the boats in the warm yellow and orange rays of the sun.
Each work of art is a complete story and is entirely unique. Every piece is personally signed by Sue and named, with its own certificate of authenticity.
Sue uses Dichroic Glass, as it possesses a transmitted colour and a completely different reflective colour. And, these two colours shift depending on your angle of view.
The frame is handmade steamed beech which is white-washed. Its multi-aperture mount is glazed front and rear to allow the passage of light to appear.
Each picture is an artistic impression that is insightful, considered and unique, sculpted from high quality fine art glass or precious metals.
A variety of specialist limited addition glass is always specially chosen for the iridescent colour, sparkle and texture. Sue then hand cuts, shapes and hones each piece in her workshop.
Glass has been used for art for many centuries, because of its beautiful qualities – and Sue is constantly inspired by the history of glass, when creating her designs.
She incorporates many of the latest high-tech aerospace applications which have been re-invented for the art glass industry. This process uses quartz and metal oxides, which are permanently adhered to layers of glass.