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Sue delights in taking special commissions for individuals and retail companies – and has produced many stunning creations over the years.
Clients have enjoyed specially commissioned pieces, made from glass, precious metals and gems, like gold, silver, platinum and brilliant cut diamonds.
“Whatever the client wants – the client gets” – is Sue’s approach to personal commissions.
“It’s so lovely to take a brief from someone, to create a piece of jewellery or art, to celebrate an occasion of event that means so much.
To see the delight and joy on the faces when they first see the finished article, makes all the long hours spent taking the brief, sketching, designing and producing it, so worth while.
The feedback from customers who wear my designs has been truly amazing and when I am in my workshop designing jewellery I can’t think of anything more rewarding”.
Sue would be delighted to hear from you, to discuss any special requirement you may have.
Kay Picton from Eckington in Derbyshire received a specially commissioned piece to commemorate her 70th birthday.
“I feel very special knowing that I am wearing a piece of jewellery that was commissioned just for me,” said Kay. “Other people find it special too; I am amazed at how many comments I get when I am wearing it.
Complete strangers stopped me and asked me about it. I also wore it on a recent holiday to India – and the locals were fascinated by it and wanted to touch it all the time.
I love the design, Sue is a very talented artist and very passionate about her work, and it shows in her creations. I also love the versatility of them, you can wear them formally or casually, they look as equally stunning with a black dress, as they do with a black polo neck and trousers.”
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Hannah Parker from Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire is a student at Sheffield Hallam University. Her mum and dad commissioned a bracelet and ring both set in silver, to mark the occasion.
“Sue was really accommodating; she’s so warm and happy. The result was amazing, so much so that my mum ordered a necklace and bracelet too, which she’s wearing all the time.
I had my 21st birthday party at Revolution bar in Sheffield we hired out one whole floor; two people who I didn’t know me came up to me and said how stunning my jewellery was. It was amazing to get my 21st present specially commissioned; it’s more meaningful to have a special gift like this, knowing it’s just for me”.