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Beautiful Handmade Jewellery Created By Sue Hailstones In Her Staffordshire Workshops.

About – Hailstones Design

Sue Hailstones is a hugely respected and award-winning artist, with an inspirational and passionate approach to the art of jewellery design. Being the progeny of an artistic family, it was only a matter of time before Sue found an outlet for her creativity.

Sue has devoted her life to creating astonishingly beautiful contemporary handmade quality jewellery designs, that people love to wear and she is continually inspired to design and create.

Each unique and individual creation is inspired by the history and timeless beauty of Ancient Britain and her key areas of inspiration are landscapes and seascapes.

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Sue Hailstones Placing Glass in Kiln
Sue Hailstones Jewellery Collection




Introducing brilliant cut diamonds

The Midnight Sky collection was inspired by one beautiful night sky. The silver luminous moon and moonlit sky were just glittering in the night with stars so bright it fired the imagination and all its history.



A jewellery collection Inspired by the legendary relationship between King Arthur and The Lady of the Lake, and her giving of the sword ‘ Excalibur’. The blinding brilliance of the silvers and deep rich red of the jewels are symbolic of the shining steel of the sword and decorative gem both reflecting on and rising up out of the mystical waters of the lake.


The Saxon Flame Collection

The Staffordshire Hoard unearthed from clay revealed a mass of scarlet garnets and twisted gold. The Saxon Flame Collection is inspired by the deep scarlet garnets that had been buried for centuries with a timeless beauty that has spanned centuries.


The Seaspray Collection

The Sea Spray collection was inspired by salty sea spray and luminescent ocean swell the deep bass thump of the waves crashing on the shoreline. Standing at the water’s edge with the wind whipping your hair and stinging your cheeks, all these things and more went into the Sea Spray collection.